They're spotting comrades in the Trump Towers


"I don't believe there's anything intrinsically wrong with capitalism, just as I don't believe there's anything intrinsically wrong with fire. Both have served as powerful engines of human development and offer huge civilizational benefits if handled correctly. In the case of fire, that means the provision of fire extinguishers, a fire brigade, and hospital burns units. Unfortunately, it seems to be beyond our capacity (or at least interest) to do anything similar with capitalism."
Writer's tip: If stuck on a subject, try change the narrative perspective from "I" to "they" - that ups the number of, let's call it "memetic contact areas”, from two (you vs the subject) to three (they vs the subject vs others) and then it'll be easier to find and pace in memes, trivia, lore, double entendres, puns, etc. It's like having three Venn Diagram Circles to pull from (four if you also combine two overlapping subjects) instead of two. Case in point; this parody started out as "I found a comrade in the Trump Tower" and/or "I found a bugger in the Trump Tower" but on those angles alone I couldn't bring it home, so I added a big "they", the MSM, and their constant hammering on Trump that I've already mocked about with recently - and just like that my muse started flowing puns and lines again and this parody came together quite easily.
The original song can be heard HERE.

One by the hour
They're sending buggers to the Trump Towers
From over the state lines
They gotta fill their quota Trump deadlines

And they bite on every tip
of Donald unzipped
Can't let go no-no-no-no

They're pissing sour
And dream of leakers in the Trump Towers

They'll go out on a limb
With faces all grim
But they're fake news jesters scouting for Russian doners
With for Hillary a boner

Well, if mudslinging Trump
Can't make him a chump
And they're still on the trace of gray in his orange matter
They're mad as a hatter

But dead or alive or stuck in folly
Health care they need's on the congress trolley
Both sides get a nothing-burger, from those clowns

Five by the hour
They're spotting comrades in the Trump Towers
And up in the White House
They see a communista old block spouse

They've lost their marbles
They try to schlong us with their news garble

All these trial balloons
And clickbaity monsoons
Is if that's what they have for voodoo
A steaming pile of nothing new
That their ratings drop from poking into

They fret and cook and roar and bleed
Still MAGA's the creed
And the cry of wolfs and alt-fact bears they pout about
As in throes they are barking out loud

So mill till you chill, but don't be bitter
Six months in office and
Flush that song from dated journos down the can

Next up a pardon
Might save ol' Hillary from blue wardens
Heads will be exploding
Cognitive dissonance be unloading

© Peter Andersson 2017