Dogs throw up
on me



"Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant."
One morning during the last of the dog days of summer (that's "rötmånad" for you Swedes) I woke up from the smell of rotten apples, toppled garbage and an emerging feeling that my song writing had started to be in good taste too often - and the latter made me feel sick!
A remedy was needed, a really repulsive remedy, so I uncleaned up my
(t)act and set out to step in to some unleashed pits of pooch woetry.

The original song and a video for it can be heard/seen HERE.

Dogs - disturbs my slumber
The stupid mutts want me to get up
Ouch - their breaths are weapons
Like rotten vomit in an athlete's cup
Gawd I - will throw up
But a mutt
Goes first and it won't stop

Dog flu puke is hot and it lasts for long
My dogs throw up on me
I should have bought a cat, a single one
'Cos dogs throw up on me

It - can stomach one more round
But more its mother's coming up behind
Then - there are some other hounds
Two Poodles, Beagles and some pups in line
Gawd I - must throw up
But the mutts
Goes first and it won't stop

Yeller puke is hot and its stench is strong
My dogs throw up on me
I'm glad I've no Bernard, who has the runs
'Cos dogs relieve on me

They keep barfing, I can't make them hold up
Nobody knows when stomach flu ends
They keep barking, I can't make them shut up
And when they're through I'll bet it starts again too soon

Gawd I - will throw up (he'll throw up)
But the mutts (and the pups)
Goes first and it won't stop
Now let me tell you 'bout my dogs

Canine puke is hot and it just goes on
I don't think they like me
Flock leader's named Ralph, gee was I dumb
Now dogs throw up on me

They puke and bark and it never stops
My dogs are after me
I think I'm getting tic(k)s, from everyone
I must be breaking free

I'll tell you 'bout my dogs
The mutts (the mutts) they never stop
My dogs throw up on me (wish it stopped)
I'm gonna buy a gun, a gatling gun
And shoot each one in three!

© Peter Andersson 2009