In Al-Qaida


"Professional soldiers are predictable, but the world is full of amateurs."
The idea to this parody came when one of my online friends made a reference to Village People's old hit and called it a "manly men song". And what group of men think they are more manly than the Talibans?

Where can you learn terror
rid the world of error
caused by Western atheism?

Where can you be free to
make their nightmares come true
in the name of anti-ism?

Where can you just even
kill on sight a heathen
and wanted be for terrorism?

Sign up for resistance
be killed from a distance
when your tribe fights globalism!

In Al-Qaida, yes, you can fight the bloody yanks
In Al-Qaida, and be run over by their tanks
In Al-Qaida, come on now, don't you be a bore
In Al-Qaida, come on and join our peace-fall corps

In Al-Qaida, come on and join Usama, man
In Al-Qaida, we'll tell you 'bout which way he ran
In Al-Qaida, before the shit did hit the fan
In Al-Qaida, in Al-Qaida

We want you! We want you!
We want you as a new martyr!

If you like the Hamas
and the way Usama's
reputation spreading vast

Come on, join the dark side
we'll give you a joyride
and your life will takeoff fast

There's no such as "too young"
you can use your "old tongue"
licking mail and have a blast

You can clear a mine-field
be a human zap-shield
for the way we live and last

In Al-Qaida, come on protect the ancient way
In Al-Qaida, and roll with goats in mud and hay
In Al-Qaida, yes, you can tail some jackass ass
In Al-Qaida, while you enjoy the growth of grass

In Al-Qaida, innocent lambs will be your mates
In Al-Qaida, come on and knock the pearly gates
In Al-Qaida, for you the paradise awaits
In Al-Qaida, in Al-Qaida

We want you! We want you!
We want you as a new martyr!

Where can you be hunted
make the Top 10 wanted
list of FBI-marked scum?

Where can you be martyr
kill a guy named Arthur
if he's just an Anglo bum?

Where can you be glorious
make George Bush all furious
even if you're striking dumb?

And if you are cautious
make dead virgins nauseous
seventy and two the sum

In Al-Qaida, dead virgins will be your reward
In Al-Qaida, for signing up with our dark horde
In Al-Qaida, emancipation's put on hold
In Al-Qaida, women shut up when they're told

In Al-Qaida, so if you don't like modern ways
In Al-Qaida, we have some secret, comfy caves
In Al-Qaida, and in the end, some nameless graves
In Al-Qaida, in Al-Qaida

© Peter Andersson 2002