(vs Volvos)



"They promised us flying cars but instead we got 140 characters."
This one goes out to my parody loving friends down under, out of the blue suddenly doomed to fall behind on the technological evolution because of their very special kind of wildlife, wreaking havoc in the progressing self-driving car industry, when such vehicles can't handle tracking kangaroos because of the unique way in which they move. What a crock(y deal)! Read more about it here.
The original song and a video for it can be heard/seen HERE.

Oh my - From Kangaroos I've buckles in the fender
Oh yeah - Now I must end my test drive,
bite the bullet, drive away
These jumpabout Ozzies in pelt
Is stretching my self-tightening belt

Kangaroos - Car's overheated from rows of roo
Kangaroos - Profits down under is gonna blow
Kangaroos - Jump the estate as they're used to do
Kangaroos - Halting my car more than ice and snow
Roo! Roo! Roo! Roo!
Kangaroos - Volvo's not seeing the Kangaroos!

A.I. - I've tried a fresch reboot upon the clunker
Oh crap - I soil my jeans, as jumper-cables skids it to the right
My self-driving car's on the loose
I'd jump on some self-running shoes

Kangaroos - Car's in the ditch, it might need a tow
Kangaroos - Poisonous snakes there's a fear, I know
Kangaroos - Never have I had to move this slow
Kangaroos - Death Metal's stuck on the stereo
Roo! Roo! Roo! Roo!
Kangaroos - Volvo is doomed by those Kangaroos!

And now it's a hooptie refuse
I'm flipped by koalas on cruise

Am I through? - "Car's on the barbie" states Cockatoos
In my view - Nowhere in sight is an ice bear though
Roo! Roo! Roo! Roo!
Kangaroos - Volvos mix better with Caribous!

Underoos - This line has none with the rest to do
Roo! Roo! Roo! Roo!
Underoos - Filling the rest out to get me through

© Peter Andersson 2017