The Saruman Orc army campfire song


"I live the life of a rock star - except for the women, drugs and music."
Kermit the Frog has absolutely nothing to do with this parody song, but some Orcs are green, and they too know that "it's not easy being green".
The original song and a video for it can be heard/seen HERE.

Blood and gore, soon it's time
Kill humans, life's a dime
Gotta go to Helm's Deep all poised to maim
The Palantir's order's clear
Rohan's to disappear
We'll kill the humans off and then

Well, who knows behind that wall
But surely Wormtongue promised balls
But I can't eat them all on my own
We all share, we're with Saruman
I'm with Saruman

He's got his sphere online
The Uruk-hai looks primed
Now we just have to break that wall
As we'll burst into the yard
Might get a sexy scar
My orc bae loves my buttocks mauled

Well, who knows, soon's time to go
We have a culvert wall to blow
Cos one can't knock it down on his own
We all help, we're with Saruman
I'm with Saruman

To fight

(Campfire harmonica solo lightens the mood further)

We'll sweep the courtyard line
Kill the humans and bovines
It'll be worth it after all
I brought some herbs with me
Brain stew planned gluttony
Just need a head to boil, some leek and methanol

Well, who knows, 'cos life is cheap
For an Orc outside Helm's Deep
The Uruk-hai have first dibs on the "throne"
And I'm an Orc far away from home
I pray that, God helps Saruman
He's with Saruman
We're with Saruman

Someday it'll all be better
We're with Saruman
Kill! Maim!
Someday, I ain't no quitter
Kill! Maim!
God Bless Saruman

© Peter Andersson 2018