Superweird ejaculate


"Before the internet men could only jaculate."
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do to pay the bills, so I signed up for the local sperm bank the other day. Imagine my surprise when the doc not only called me back about the findings in the microscopic analysis, but also offered me good money to show up again as quickly as manly possible.

Kids might spring from me
With human out-side visibly
I've got crazy seed
The doctor said I could a-breed a carneval
Because of what she found on me down cellular

Yes, my sperm is cashable
I have invaluable - ejaculate
Yes, I've Alien genomes
And Flintstone chromosomes - so says their charts

Got some hound, got some mime
Tell med please that's only slime
Cruel, but nature's given me
Also rock, and some slash
guns and roses in my stash
In my ancestrally - ejaculate

Yes, I have invaluable
DNA candy-ble - ejaculate
Sure, there's some Neanderthal
And I'll be clear to all - there's lotsa Nerd

It looks like Myrrh
Or Chimichurr-i
When I come

One part orch ejaculate
Two parts dork ejaculate
Pepper pot ejaculate
Sumo shot ejaculate
Wunderbaum ejaculate
Krusty clown ejaculate
Boson-Higgs ejaculate
Flying pigs ejaculate

Or chocolate!

Furthermore my seed's
Now marked "Grade Swede" genetically
Turnip mash in spades
I've had with meatballs maybe for too many days
And maybe Vodka Absolut have messed my "boys"

I'm spanking high, their lab's top find
And when about to jizz I hear KA-CHING capitalized
And when I'm done, THEY'RE satisfied
And as my monkey's drained my bankroll grows in size

I have quite sensational
Money exchangeable - ejaculate
Just extract the pokemon
And poppycock genome - and slimy parts

Scattershot ejaculate
Skittled spots ejaculate
Bertie Bott's ejaculate
Super weird ejaculate

Tater tots ejaculate
And whatnot ejaculate
Super duper weird ejaculate

I may not be dateable
But I've the greatest balls' - ejaculate

Sure, I'm prone to blundering
And post cum slumbering - so says their charts

Paydirt in my 'jaculate!

© Peter Andersson 2018