Supply chain issues


"I don't believe there's anything intrinsically wrong with capitalism, just as I don't believe there's anything intrinsically wrong with fire. Both have served as powerful engines of human development and offer huge civilizational benefits if handled correctly. In the case of fire, that means the provision of fire extinguishers, a fire brigade, and hospital burns units. Unfortunately, it seems to be beyond our capacity (or at least interest) to do anything similar with capitalism.
I can't explain how this title swap idea came to me, but the album ”Stock Rocker Nuts” from 1990 is one of those super solid ones where every single track is a rock slash pop-punk gem still worth listening to every now and then. Fans of Green Day might wanna take notice. Sator got themselves a contract for worldwide promotion, but then a little thing called grunge happened and their next album was way too polished for that era, also it lacked the raw energy of songs like this one.
The original song and a video for it can be heard/seen HERE.

Where is the rye? Where's the bordeaux?
I can't spend my dough
On even basics from the store
When they have bacon there's a queue
Every other week
I hear Miami's out of blow

It's down the line, all of the time

Supply chain issues
Is what the store clerk says to me
Supply chain issues
I demand the manager
Supply chain issues
Is what the owner's telling me
Supply chain issues
He can't get me anything

The North Pole's out of candy cane
And Texas' out of veal
All England's running out of tea
From Australia's to be
No more ostrich eggs
A global scale shitfuckery

They're on the case, it's a disgrace

Supply chain crisis
Is what the telly's telling us
Supply chain crisis
They cover for the higher-ups
Supply chain crisis
Is what the gubment's gotten us
Supply chain crisis
They can't teach a duck to swim

I would celebrate myself
For a single beer
If just a shipment could get through
Can't get sexting back, oh no!
Or even get it hard
My bride in mail order's stuck too

She's on the way, every day

Supply chain issues
Is what the mailman's bringing me
Supply chain issues
It's like stamping on my grave
Supply chain issues
The only thing we'll get for sure
Repeatedly so
Is more Covid everyday

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