The thought police


"Most generations laugh at what previous generations censored. Millennials censor what previous generations laughed at."
Note to CNN: When a basement-living fifteen year old is found to be the creator of the second fastest spreading internet meme of all time you do NOT don a hefty thought police persona, threaten him, blackmail him or dox him - you offer him seven figures to drop out of school and hire him to do your own viral bidding - before someone else body-slams you out of the way and beats you to it!
The original song and a video for it can be heard/seen HERE.

The thought police, they'll come to you for your memes
The thought police, they'll say obey us or else
The thought police, they're going to suppress you, my bro

You know where words are bleeped
And the f-words are sliced
Is where the peeps are sheep
And democracy's priced, or iced - yes iced!

Cos the land of the free
Oh say can you see
Every single one
You make a gif profane
They'll come for your membrane

The thought police, they'll come to you for wrong words
The thought police, for drunken songs that you slurred
The thought police, they're pigs paid to detest you, my bro

And if our freedom dies
And the net cease to be
Will able teens arise
And go internutty, Reddit - batshit!

Cos the CNN sleuths
They hate giffy youth
Every single one
So act out like your age
They'll have you doxxed and caged

Freedom is cheap, it can be taken, deep state's making rounds
They don't appreciate be slam-dunked like some bozo clowns
Like KGB, caught in a lie, they're poised to double down
They're disreputed, but still judge and jury all in one

So they're threatening you
To stop what teens do
Every single thing
You make a meme, get likes
They'll call in an airstrike

The thought police, they're going after your pics
The thought police, and inappropriate nicks
The thought police, they'll go Gestapo on you

The thought police
(Say Cheese! Say Cheese!)
The thought police
(Say Cheese! Say Cheese!)
The thought police
(Say Cheese! Say Cheese!)
The thought police
(Say Cheese! Say Cheese!)

© Peter Andersson 2017