This postal song wants your stamp of approval


"Some people see things that are and ask, why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, why not? Some people have to go to work and don't have time for all that shit."
Do you remember snail-mail and stamps? Maybe you're too young, they're both almost obsolete. Then again there might still be time to save them by taking away the governmental monopoly on stamps, they're always so booooringly politically correct. Ain't it about time to let that business get wild and free?
The original song and a video for it can be heard/seen HERE.

I want a stamp with a pundit with shiners
I want a stamp of Beyonce's chest
I want a stamp with Bumper Nuts
And one that targets the IRS

I want more stamps to go off the plantation
With sharks and burros
And Trump's dental plaque
I'm postal in my visionry
I think it's only fair
I'm warning the community
I'm holding none back

I want a stamp with a Goth Barbie in a blaaaack casket

I want new stamps to upset folks monthly
(Why not Daily?)
I want a red stating "Russia's Great!"
(Rush...What? Wait!)
I want a ban on the statutory monopoly
It's useless and it's shitty with Deep State red tape
I think the sales would be illustrious
And the postmen they hafta get off their ass

My plan's infernal
But out of my ass
I'm warning our community
I ain't got no class

I want a stamp with a wet oyster an' a loooong, long Knockwurst

I want a stamp showing sloth fecundation
(No Secondation!)
I wanna lick the backside of Friends
(Get a Girlfriend!)
A septic tank on crap mail is my melody
(Man! He's GONE mentally!)
People should go back to writing with pens

I wanna lick back old Hillary's pap test
I want a stamp that says "I'm With Nerds!"
Let's change the game back from spam-mail to snail-mail
Let's trade out the presidents and old leaders with chevrons

I want a stamp with some fat joints an' some doooope crackheads

© Peter Andersson 2018