Windows 95


"It is not yet clear if intelligence has any long-term survival value."
A parody song 'fore you upgrade to your free copy of Windows 10.

I am an older chap
I never had an app
One talk show a day
And I feel quite OK
My counties' PC stores
They hate me twenty-four
Just learned the trash can
What the hell's a gaming clan

I don't want no World Of Warcraft
I don't want no Angry Birds
I don't want to follow twitters
I can barely handle Word
My Compaq old PC
Has no card for TV
When you say battery life
That exper-tise is my wife's

It is just my persona
I am always gonna
Stick to vinyl, not CDs
On Facebook I'm an absentee
My neighbours have iPads
and blogs about the lunch had
While I have no update drive
I'm into, stick to, Windows 95

(Windows 95)

Might be I'm jurassic
Maybe I'm overtime
Half Life an' Super Smash Bros
I know their command lines
I spent days with Doom
Was a big Duke Nukem fan
Spent two years unplanned
In the castle of Wolfenstein

Where's the paper clip, so persistent
I heard he's offed, he was the first Office Assistant
Wrote this parody, not on XP
Ain't gonna tap into - Vista, Seven
(or the nine point o)

This' just my persona
I am always gonna
Stick to Minesweep, not Minecraft
I won't forget first Lara Croft
My bitch's now on Facebook
She barks that I should go look
For nothing I'll take a dive
I'm into, down for, Windows 95

Still downing Jolt nonstop
When did that Bill Gates become an altruist
And when did music move to an app store
Please make this stop-stop-stop

And turn back

This' just my persona
I am always gonna
Stick to Doom 2, not bluetooth
I'll modem from an old phone booth
My toddlers have smarth phones
They're calling me a Flintstone
'Cause I will until pigs fly
Use Windows 95

This' just my persona
I am always gonna
Stick to Marvel on paper
And three movies Darth Vader's cool
Some colleagues have androids
I'd rather swipe my hemorrhoids
As I'm on blue screen standby
I'm into, hooked on, Windows 95

© Peter Andersson 2015