Worst dick pic
I've ever sent



"Back in the old days you had to settle for someone within a 50 mile radius to love. Now with social media the whole world can disappoint you."
As a longstanding member of the dicking around club on Amiright I obviously had to tackle this phenomenon too. You're welcome!
For parody evaluation purposes only, and for a short period of time,
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I was broadsided by myself an' my little man's head
I clicked on "send too all" with attached my new waterbed spread
Cos what was meant for one, my girl to lust, everyone despised
It ain't funny, Google now has my wrinkly privates filed

It was the worst dick pic I've ever sent
My High school class agrees it's bent
They broke the net, it was not civilized
With a snap I could have circum... vent

When a man gets horny he can have brainfarts, as you know
Doing things he shouldn't do and achieve some kind of ballyhoo
But I was punished quick when a thousand chicks
Sent forward my sad meltdown
Started trending then on Twitter
Got known as the #lamesackclown

It's called the worst dick pic in any land
I fumbled "send" with my small hands
Girls scourge the net with retweets of my gland
And I sure deserve the way I'm banned

When the mob found my hideout it turned to my worst weekend
Now I'm living in the wilds with my hand as my one girlfriend
A dox-, tar- an' feathering balls to the walls
As the moralists chased me from town
But those small pixels ain't gonna get old
So I conclude I'm not getting paroled

It's the worst dick pic one ever took
It's now in urology books
And #metoo cops wont let it off the hook
I'm straight but I've been labeled crook'd

It was the worst dick pic I ever clunked
I tell you people don't text drunk
I spend my days now an Himalayan munk
And with goats and llamas here I bunk
The worst dick pic I must admit
The worst of all on all the net

© Peter Andersson 2018