I didn't use
the F-word



"Obscenity is the crutch of inarticulate motherfuckers."
This parody won the Gold Medal (Woohoo!) in AmIright's
Song of the Month of October 2007 Contest!

Fellowship and funnelling
French frie, fingerling
Frontline, fountain, falter, fiddle, floozy and forgo

Flabbergasted, fisted, fusion
Focus, fester, freaky, fission
Firecracker, firefighter, fortunate and flow

Furthermore F-words
Faraway, fan and fiords
Funky, ferret, fling and fly, fondle, fetcher, flatulence

Finger, flower, foreseen
Franciscaners, fourteen
Farsi, filo, flipper, fall flat, flyswatters and foes/friends

I didn't use the F-word
Did you feel annoyed at how that one's avoided?
I didn't use the F-word
I'll go on without it, you won't hear me shout it

Footrace, fallen, fallacy
Faster, feble, franchisee
Fortuneteller, freeload, fellow, floating, fry, frock

Flintstone, foe, firsthand
Fettuccine, Finland
Feeding, fleeing, frat, file, found and flock

Feel, fine, females
Fahrenheit and fading/fails
Fragile, frogs and Floridans, ferment, flapjacks, falsifies

Free, four, ferryman
Freshwater and freshman
Face-to-face, fireplace, fumble, forget, fruit, flies

I didn't use the F-word
It was effing tempting as the store was emptying
I didn't use the F-word
As four letters' going, on the line I'm toing

Floating, flick, forestland
Flagellated, freehand
FUBAR, F.Y.I, F.C.C and F.B.I

Flatulent and firewall
Flu, flamingo, fastball
Fox, feather, fungicide, formal and formaldehyde

Faddy, folly, fence, fear
This song has no rhyme here
BJ missed, oh-oh, but it has one now though

Few, flue, frequency
Flamboyant and flibberti-
gibbet, flicker, forlorn, Fibonacci, firstborn

I didn't use the F-word
But it's growing harder, can I keep the ardour?
I didn't use the F-word
Sure I will not use it, lest I must produce it!

Firefly, fake, frown
Frankenstein, facedown
Fillings, foton, feebleminded, fragrance

Fungus, first and formula
Foetus, fruit and fibula
Foal, fizz, flightplan, fisting, feat, flattering

Fife, fault, farting, fumes
Filksong, fee, finesse and flumes
Frost and fresh, foam and fort, why is this verse three lines short?

I didn't use the F-word
I will spare you aural-ly from what's not moral
I didn't use the F-word
Where's that darn thesaurus? I'll mess up this chorus!

Furniture, freelancing
Flabbergasted (once again!)
Foul, fate, forfeit, flagstaff, fingerplate

Farewell, foretell, francophile
Flummoxed, freckles, fertile
Frappuccino, fork and fun, fogless, fakir, freeman

Freewheel, fortune, foxy, fried
Fuzzy, fetal, fluoride
Foreign, frets, frivolous, fades, flap, fervent, floss

Filipinos, fortyfour
Flagellants and filthy floors
Gee, what is this song good for!
I can't do this anymore!!!

Eff! I must use the F-word!
Guess I had it coming, since I started humming
Effff! I must use the F-word!
Though my safe is cheap
It will now be (bleep)
and (bleep)
and (bleep)
and (bleep)
and (bleep)
and (bleep)
and (bleep)
and (bleep)

Eff! I must use the F-word!
And I'll keep on using as my muse is oozing
Effff! I must use the F-word!
I've been good at heaping so I'll keep on bleeping
Effff! I must use the F-word!
Now I've lost the battle, might just keep on rattle
Effff! I must use the F-word!
It was (bleep, bleep) boring, now it's (bleep, bleep) pouring

© Peter Andersson 2007